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Cydonia Valley  01/10/2007
awarded a 5 year, $3.2 billion contract to standardize, integrate and administer the largest private space-based, digital telecommunications network for the next generation of tactical and proactive defense initiatives.

The primary architecture will be used for advanced interstellar and land based infrastructure communications, image tracking and mapping extraterrestrial and sequential terrain structures.

Advanced Defense Initiative (ADI)

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C.R.A.P. Satellites
Communications Rendering Array Platform

C.R.A.P. satellites emphasizes the overall objective of obtaining mission critical data that facilitates military and other government ventures with detailed video, graphics and hi-definition communications.

Light years ahead of its time! 

Our Mission Statement and Philosophy -

"I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research."
                            - Albert Einstein

Building Tomorrows Future

Missile Defense Agency
Centre for Speech Technology Research
National Institute of Standards (NIST)

About Cydonianet.Com

Cydonianet.Com is a privately held communications and research subsidiary of Cydonia Particles, Inc. Our strategic alliance and partnerships with world governments has bestowed on us global recognition in the field of advanced design technology communication systems. Cydonia Particles, Inc. owns, manages or operates 93% of the worlds high speed 0C3's fiber optic transmission switches and data transfer piers.

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